Gear List

I’ll be doing most of my sessions at Tunesmith Studios, owned by the incredible guitar ace, Richard Smith. Please get in touch if you have me in mind for a project, I would love to talk it over and work with your budget to make it happen. All of this gear can be packed up in a few hours and be ready to record a live concert, festival, or make an album in an incredible location. I love taking the studio outside.

2 x Neumann U87 with Korby Mod (1976)
2 x Neumann KM84 (1975 / 78)
1 x RCA 44BX (1959)
1 x RCA 77DX (1958)
2 x Schoeps CMC6/MK4 (Stereo Set)
2 x Schoeps CCM5 (Stereo Set)
1 x Royer SF12 (Stereo)
1 x Sennheiser E935
1 x Audio Technica AE2500 (Stereo)
3 x Shure SM57
1 x Shure SM58 Beta
1 x Audix i5
1 x Electro-Voice ND46
1 x Electro-Voice ND96

1 x Radial Workhorse 500 Series Racks with Neve Summing Mixer (8 slot)
1 x Grace 801 (8 Channel Preamp)
2 x Vintech 573 Preamps & DI
4 x Forssell SMP500 Preamps
1 x Avedis MA5 Preamp
1 x BAE 312A Preamp & DI (Avedis / Brent Averill)
4 x RME UFX Preamps

Apogee Digital Conversion (24bit / 192k)
RME UFX USB Interface (30 Inputs)
ADAM S3A Speakers with KRK Sub (Powered)
Sennheiser, KRK, Ultrasone, Bose, & Parrott Headphones

1967 Gretsch Round Badge Drum Kit (20/16/13+snare)
Nord Electro 2 Keyboard